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Pension Increase 2015

The increase to BBC pensions that have been in payment for at least 12 months will be applied from 1 April 2015. A proportionate increase will be applied if the pension has been in payment for less than 12 months.

For Old Benefits, New Benefits and Career Average Benefits (2006) members the increase under the rules of the Scheme will be 1.6%; and is based on the rise in the Retail Prices Index (RPI) for the calendar year ending 31 December 2014.

If you joined the Scheme before 1 April 1992 the increase will be calculated on your full pension as if you did not exchange part of it for cash. If you joined the Scheme after 31 March 1992 the increase will be calculated on your actual pension in payment.

For Career Average Benefits (2011) members the increase under the rules of the Scheme will be 0.5%; and is based on the rise in Consumer Prices Index (CPI) for the calendar year ending 31 December 2014.

It is not expected that the BBC/Trustees will award an additional discretionary increase. Pensioners will receive a letter at the end of March confirming the details of the increase and the increase will be paid in your April pension payment.

John Donne Memorial Lecture

Tony Hall (BBC DG)On the 4th April 2014 the BBC Director-General, Tony Hall (Lord Hall of Birkenhead) gave a lecture on LIVING WITH CREATIVITY at Hertford College, Oxford. A transcript of what he said can be read here.

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Beware of Pension scams

Pension scams are on the increase in the UK. ‘One-off pension investments’, ‘pension loans’ or up front cash are being used to entice savers. Read more on The Pension Regulator web site - Dangers of pension scams.

ADAPT Project

Professor John Ellis and Dr Nick HallDuring our AGM, Professor John Ellis and Dr Nick Hall in the audience made an appeal to those present to help them with a five-year (2013-2018) research project, funded by the European Research Council and based at Royal Holloway University of London. The aim of the project is to research and document the history of British broadcast television technology between 1960 and the near-present. Read more...

Photo: Professor John Ellis (left) and Dr Nick Hall

Radio Times

Some confusion has arisen recently over the discount that members of the BBC Pensioners' Association can obtain on Radio Times and other BBC magazine titles.

Immediate Media the new owners of BBC Magazines have now clarified the situation. Members of the Association who take out a direct debit will be charged £26 for 26 editions of RT posted to their home address. This represents a substantial saving on the shop price and more than covers the annual subscription to the Association. Those members who already receive Radio Times will continue on the old tariff until further notice.

To take advantage of the discount you will need to quote a code which is contained in the most recent copy of the Newsletter or can be obtained by emailing the Membership Secretary membership@bbcpa.org.uk

In memoriam

In our Members area, we have started to include names of exBBC Staff that have passed away. This information comes from the list which the BBC sends us three times a year and from the letters sent direct to the Association. If you spot a name missing from the list please let us know. It is not always possible to identify a BBCPA member from the information provided by the BBC.





















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