March 9, 2018
May 2, 2018


The 31st Annual General Meeting of the BBCPA took place on Tuesday 17th April 2018 at Friends Meeting House in London.  The hall was full when the Chair of the meeting, David Allen, welcomed everyone.   Albert Barber, Chairman, reported on the activities of the Committee during the past year and thanked all members for their continued support.  Albert gave special thanks to Hugh Sheppard, a former Chairman, who has decided to stand down from the Committee.  Commenting on a recent meeting with James Hacker, Head of Pension Policy at the BBC, Albert reported that he had emphasised the role that our members and BBC Pensioners have in being ambassadors for the BBC.

Alan Bilyard, Treasurer, reported that the BBCPA finances are in good order, as can be seen in the Annual Report.  Maurice Maguire, Membership Secretary, reported that he always feels that the AGM is like a family re-union.  He spoke about the new BBCPA database.  A question by a member from the audience about cyber security meant that Maurice was able to explain about our new Privacy Policy contained in the Annual Report and that we have strict security arrangements regarding data protection.

Leslie Huss-Smickler outlined some of the new offers available to members via our website.

After the official business of the AGM we welcomed David Shaw, Manager Pensions Investments, BBC Pensions Trust who stepped in at short notice, as Ian Cutter, Head of Operations, BBC Pension Trust was unable to attend.  David spoke about how and where the Pension Scheme invests its money. After the recent evaluation the investors had been de-risking their investments, and moving its money into safer funds.

The keynote speaker was Jean Seaton, official Historian of the BBC and she gave the audience some insights into recent news and current affairs stories involving the BBC.


The audio recording of this event will be shortly be available on this website.

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